KWIKPASS was established back in 1993, primarily as an intensive course specialist.

Our objective was to give quality lessons over a short period of time at a fair price.

The popularity of KWIKPASS soon demanded an expansion into other areas.

Check out the services we offer:

All our instructors are fully qualified . We do not use trainee instructors.



Up to £500 cash back when you pass 1st time!! Click on the tab above.

Weekly Lessons

Many people learn this way, spread your lessons and pay as you go. We suggest at least two lessons per week,so you don’t lose the feel from one week too the next.

Intensive Driving Courses

Now the most popular!, do lots of hours in a short space of time. Check out the details!

Residential Driving Courses

Our Residential Driving Courses give you the chance to concentrate on driving without the distractions of home and work.Click on the link at top of page for more details and prices.


Just passed your test? probably never driven in the dark,on a motorway or in foggy conditions. This course will let you sample difficult driving conditions in safety. I recently took someone out four weeks after passing, it was dark and misty, I took control of the car three times! This course could also save up to 30% on your insurance

Theory Test

Get past this tricky part and you are on your way!! Check out what’s in store for you…

Practical or Theory test booking service

To book a Practical or Theory test go to EMAIL KWIKPASS. Put your full name, address, date of birth and licence number in the options box. If passed theory and wish to book practical test add the certificate number and date of pass.Send email. Then make payment at bottom of this page. A test will then be booked, a confirmation email will then be sent followed by a confirmation from the DSA with time and date of test.