£21 per hour first 5 hourly lessons. Thereafter £27 per hour.

New to Kwikpass

£23 per hour first 5 hourly lessons.Thereafter £27 per hour.

Block Booking

£26 per hourly lesson, when you pay for 10 or more lessons in advance. This price does not apply to intensive course pricing.

Pass Plus

£33 per hourly lesson, minimum of 6 hours required to complete course.

Intensive Driving Course

Total hours trainingDuration of course in daysPrice
11 Hours4 Days£319
17 Hours6 Days£493
20 Hours7 Days£580
26 Hours9 Days£754
29 Hours10 Days£841
38 Hours13 Days£1102

Motorway Lessons

£33 per hour, a minimum of 4 hours required, these will take place mainly on the M25 and M23 once you have passed the DSA practical driving test.

Night Driving

£33 per hourly lesson. These are for lessons after 7 pm providing it is fully dark