Weekly Lessons

If you have never driven before, your lessons will cost just £21 per hour for the first five lessons.If you are new to us the first 5 hours will be £23 per hour. After the introductory price, we are competitive with other schools, at £27 per hour or if you pay for 10 hours in advance we will reduce by £1 per hour,after any offers. We use only qualified instructors, we do not use trainee instructors.

All our instructors follow a structured course, pupils are not ‘thrown into the deep end’!

You book your lessons directly with the instructor, to suit yourself – except Sundays and late evenings. Our instructors follow the DSA code of conduct (copies can be obtained from your test centre). If you have a query or experience any problem with your instructor, you can always contact the office and speak with someone qualified to deal with your questions.Call our office or e-mail us to get an instructor to arrange your lessons. or 07843480609or email info@kwikpass.co.uk