Intensive Driving Courses

We have specialised in teaching the Kwikpass Intensive Driving Course for about 20 years, and is so successful, and the most popular, that it has become the mainstay of our work. The pass rate for this method is high, by doing 2 to 3 hours every day with a test at the end you will stay more focused and retain the feel of driving better. The instructor is also challenged to get you a good result as he assessed your ability and suggested the hours needed. We will not ask for monies over the phone ! You get to meet the instructor and the car he drives to teach you in ! then if you are happy you pay a deposit to get things started.
Your test is booked to take place at the end of your course, you will need to progress at a good steady rate; there is not time if you struggle with part of the course for too long as the test will be looming ! It is important to maintain a pupil’s morale and to protect our pass rates. All our instructors have pass rates above the national average.

If you wish to book a Kwikpass Intensive Course, an instructor will assess your current driving ability, and advise how many hours you are likely to need. There is a £20.00 charge for this. We will take a deposit of about 25% of the total cost of the course.

If you have not passed the theory test we can book your the test to take place giving you about two weeks to revise. Once the theory is passed, we can book your driving test and your course will be planned to lead to the test at the end.

The balance of the course is paid at the start of the practical tuition. Prices in box below exclude the test fee’s and are tuition costs only. Give us a call 07843480609 or email

The Hours in the table below are a guide and can be adapted to suits your needs.

Total hours trainingDuration of course in daysPrice
11 Hours4 Days£418
17 Hours6 Days£646
20 Hours7 Days£760
26 Hours9 Days£988
29 Hours10 Days£1102
38 Hours13 Days£1444